Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flex open source framework summary


Cairngorm is a framework for the first FLEX the most mature, is now classified as ADOBE sects.


It is an ActionScript 3 framework, unlike Cairngorm, it is not for FLASH, FLEX or other ADOBE AS3.0 class. It is a FLASH for the development of AS 3.0 based on any program.

Model-Glue: Flex

Model-Glue is a simple MVC of the FLEX framework, Model-Glue has COLDFUSION interfaces. It is more compact than the above two.


ServeBox Foundry (sbasfoundry) is an ActionScript 3 / Java framework for Flex 2 application developers.

Guasax Flex Framework

Guasax is an easy to use application framework, to ensure the expansion of old and new FLEX applications.


ARP (Ariaware RIA Platform) is a framework based on ActionScript, which is a Open Source Flash projects.

Flest Framework

Flest a ActionScript3 / Flex framework.

The framework of the above can be EasyMVC, Adobe FAST and Joeberkovitz's framework to check out.

There are some other

FlexUnit (a unit testing framework for ActionScript 3)

AS3CoreLib (an ActionScript 3.0 library contains a powerful JSON package)

Granite DS (a free open source alternative to Adobe Data Services J2EE Application Server EJB3/Spring/Pojo Service)

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