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CGI Tutorial: Chapter cgilib cases

A simple request form to read and process the data example:

#! / Usr / bin / perl

sub readGetData (
Local variable queryString # specify the transfer function for the parameters of preservation and
local (* queryString) = @ _ if @ _;
# Read environment variable QUERY_STRING value is assigned to the variable $ queryString
$ QueryString = $ ENV ("QUERY_STRING");
return 1;

sub readPostData (
local (* queryString) = @ _ if @ _;
local ($ contentLength);
# Read the value of environment variable CONTENT_LENGTH
$ ContentLength = $ ENV ("CONTENT_LENGTH");
# Check if there are data
if ($ contentLength) (
# STDIN to read from the device contentLength the length of characters assigned to $ queryString
read (STDIN, $ queryString, $ contentLength);
return 1;

sub readData (
local (* queryString) = @ _ if @ _;
# Read environment variables REQUEST_METHOD
$ RequestType = $ ENV ("REQUEST_METHOD");

# If the request method is GET use the function readGetData
# Otherwise, if the request method is POST, use the function readPostData
if ($ requestType eq "GET") (
& ReadGetData (* queryString);
elsif ($ requestType eq "POST") (
& ReadPostData (* queryString);
return 1;

sub DecodeData (
local (* queryString) = @ _;
# Convert spaces to plus
$ QueryString = ~ s / + / / g;
# Convert hexadecimal characters
$ QueryString = ~ s /%(..)/ pack ("c", hex ($ 1)) / ge;
return 1;

sub parseData (
local (* queryString, * formData) = @ _ if @ _;
local ($ key, $ value, $ curString, @ tmpArray);

& As the delimiter # to convert the string to key - value pairs
@ TmpArray = split (/&/,$ queryString);

# Inner loop in the array @ tmpArray
foreach $ curString (@ tmpArray) (
# = As a separator to separate the key - value pairs
($ Key, $ value) = split (/=/,$ curString);
# Decoding
& DecodeData (* key);
& DecodeData (* value);
# The key and the value added to the dictionary
$ FormData ($ key) = $ value;
return 1;

# End of file


To use this library must include the following statement:
# Require "";
Form data processing:
% DataDict = ();
& ReadData (* data);
& ParseData (* data, dataDict);
Data Dictionary:
while (($ key, $ value) = each (% dataDict)) (
print $ key ,"=",$ value, "nn";

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PDM, from said do (next)

PDM implementation, management first

Now, with the deepening of the Information Work, more and more enterprises have recognized the relationship between management and IT, in a sense, the question now is how to do the problem is not whether the issue needs to be done . However, in the domestic practice of a number of PDM projects, many companies often have limited technical departments of engineering data management system, and the implementation of ERP systems, there are no substantive management reforms introduced; the understanding of the PDM is also different opinions, Biru , PDM will be a well-known sites on the technical information channel. Small details reflect the understanding of the PDM fuzzy.

However, there are still more and more enterprises realize the prestige to be able to play a PDM, the PDM must be as enterprise-class management software to carry out the implementation. Therefore, and as ERP implementation, companies in the implementation of the PDM system, the need to establish enterprise-level to enterprise customer demand-driven business processes and information systems specifications.

This new business process requirements embodied in the product development to change the traditional serial development approach to client-focused, cross functional departments of the "process" to look at business, rather than the traditional enterprise level, sector of the functions of the standard operation to conduct business. To get out of the area of product design department, to the so-called "customer voice" as the process of the driving source, across the design, craft, technical standard management, production planning, manufacturing Zhi Xing, Xiao Shou, etc. related to the functions of business areas, eliminating redundant processes I and error, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the information, to improve quality, reduce costs, shorten product time to market objectives.

Process in the design process, PDM to note some of the features in the workflow. PDM is based on the workflow process (work flow) approach as the carrier, a workflow will change the start and end state or version of data object, such a change usually means that the assessment by management or not. Accreditation is an artificial, subjective act, in the PDM implementation, the general approval issued by the user is often willing to assume responsibility, and management approval is often because the manager's own technical capacity constraints and formality, from the sense, PDM is based on assessment throughout the process, based on the conditions, flexible process.

PDM implementation process design, in large part the distribution of the assessment of competence (such as how to set up a new panel of product development, engineering change panel, etc.), assessment of conditions and the definition by the rules.

In the PDM process design, there is also some reference practices, such as new product development integrated product development (IPD) method, change management, product structure and configuration management standards (CMii), these processes are all based on decision-making as a process for approval control points.

Grasp the key points of implementation

Orderly manner in accordance with scientific methodology is the implementation of PDM systems as a necessary condition for success, in addition, implementation of the system also need to grasp some of the key points. Here are out in the PDM implementation process to be mastered some of the key points:

鈥?Leadership in command of the principle, we know that, like other information systems, PDM's success also depends on the degree of support enterprise level. Left the business on the support and cooperation, the system will not be successful. However, due to some objective reasons, requires most business people with the often difficult, for example, PDM implementation usually requires the strong R & D with, but the vast majority of the number of R & D backbone usually work at full capacity, R & D personnel taking the time required often lead to dissatisfaction with project; another example, PDM implementation as a direct result of the unification of product data, were not the greatest Shouyi information Chanshengbumen upstream but the downstream sector of information used, pairs of the upstream sector Lai Shui, but the workload increased, which means that the design of the upstream sector, and relatively little incentive to support the implementation of the system, but proceed from the overall point of view it must do so. On such occasions, often require top leaders to remain steadfast in support of the project.

* Emphasis on analysis and collation of data, because PDM system to manage all product-related data and related processes, so its scope to cover all the production or use of product information, departments or units, complex data types, workflow, many of these scattered information needs through the collection, collation and analysis, to be effective to establish the appropriate model. In addition, the enterprise of historical data into the PDM system also needs to be a lot of the work of the electronic sort. Not pay attention to data analysis and collation are easily lead to the failure of PDM, such as an automobile manufacturing enterprise in the implementation of PDM based on the data later found to have not led to a highway without cars phenomenon, the result is of course a waste of investment. Therefore, in the implementation of the PDM process, the need to focus on data analysis and collation.

* Need business and management changes. In the implementation of the PDM process, if there is no corresponding improvement, PDM implementation is often difficult to achieve. Because the process of establishing PDM management, enterprise management to rationalize the fact is, standardized process.

* On the business needs rather than technology, enterprises in the implementation of the PDM process, the implementation team should be familiar with the company vision and strategy of a people. This person's role is to focus the attention of the Panel PDM systems in the application of commercial purposes. To avoid purely technical issues only concern the situation. The real concern is whether the enterprise in the course of their work for the company brings significant commercial value. PDM project value is always higher than the completion of business objectives to spend time, money and effort is much greater.

* Emphasize the process of implementation of education and training, PDM implementation difficulties of Wang Wang is one the biggest problems, in a sense, we can implement the project has not produced a PDM project team to determine success. Therefore, in the implementation process need to focus on continuous training, participation in the implementation of enterprise PDM-related personnel, including senior staff, business managers and business backbone, require continuing education and training. Different people need different training, for example, senior leaders of enterprises, the need to understand business problems and PDM solutions for how it relates to ordinary users, the need to focus on the specific operation.

鈥?Overall planning, step by step, PDM implementation is a small to large, from simple to complex. Implementation of the general design department from the beginning, then gradually expanded to consider the implementation of the system when one of software and hardware can accommodate future expansion, the original data sources can re-use and other issues, also have to consider whether funds invested each year to ensure that the necessary system upgrades and other expenses. As the PDM on a wide range of business experience provides a good solution, the existence of such a trend for enterprises that want to PDM Nenggou once and for all the problems. But most organizations can only effectively solve a problem. Therefore, enterprises should focus on the reality of using the PDM to solve a problem, down to earth implementation of the PDM program, step by step to confirm whether the expected goals. Start small, gradually increasing to gradually improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also avoid beginning a large number of problems exposed by surprise. In addition, step by step also allows businesses to see PDM really brought some benefits to the company, enterprises can expect to see it realized, whether or not to change for some unrealistic.

Hafei case

Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (the "HEC") is 50 years of state-owned large-scale manufacturing plant. The main contract and the domestic and international large-scale hydropower design and manufacture of thermal power missions. After half a century the continuous development of Kazakhstan by means of electronic product design, all the past, "lie drawing board" into a computer is an electronic manual drawing, production and sales management from the past, telephone, fax and paper notice One other way into the current Intranet and Internet network communication. Especially in recent years, the construction process of the Three Gorges project, the original design and management is not suitable for gradually revealing the many drawbacks of the international market demand, mainly in: 1, drawings and document storage and version control easily spread confusion, not easy query and management, were lost when; 2, the lack of complete sets of product structure, product structure similar to reconfigure much duplication of work; 3, the product design process management is not achieved electronically, transmitted by drawing a long time, countersigned and approval (Audit ) low efficiency, the flow of drawings can not track and monitor the process, could easily lead to liability is not clear, tried to shift phenomenon; 4, in the design of software and information integration, the software does not achieve functional integration between the different departments products organic data are not shared. These shortcomings will no doubt hinder the development of enterprises. Brutal competition in domestic and international markets into line with international technology to force the immediate situation resolved through the implementation of HEC HEC PDM system to develop the road of enterprise information.

PDM products in a variety of domestic and foreign-depth investigation and verification, Hafei will eventually target the implementation of a scientific methodology with the United States, EDS PLM Solutions Teamcenter Enterprise on the company. After an arduous process of implementation of PDM implementation Hafei achieved good results, just one example to illustrate: In the past week to spend time drawing the parts list system by HEC CPC report export tool that is only 3 to 4 hours printable complete.

However, HEC successful implementation of PDM systems is not easy. As a typical large state-owned manufacturing enterprises, the need to have a responsibility to sum up the experiences and inspiration:

Careful selection

To select the actual PDM products for businesses. HEC as a million giant, huge, involving many departments, management complexity, the average PDM products can not meet the electricity needs of Kazakhstan. The Teamcenter Enterprise is an international industry-standard products with the PDM, to its strong technical support force will meet the needs, HEC Teamcenter Enterprise as the success of the first domestic users has proved this point.

In-depth research

No detailed research, demand uncertainty would lead to the system of the actual. PDM system implementation as HEC technical support unit for strict refinement of Tsinghua University Bing Zhao a positive attitude and with the HEC-house developers, many times together and end users, to ensure system availability.

Different levels of employee training

Emphasis should be on the internal system management and maintenance personnel in-depth training. Because the system delivery, system management and maintenance staff who played a connecting role, not only to guide the user application, but also put forward specific requirements for the user to adjust the system. Second, the system should be universal end-user training, do not know if the end user on the system, operation unskilled, is bound to hamper the implementation of conflict with the progress of heart.

Get business leaders to support

Through lectures to business leaders really understand the benefits of PDM to the enterprise, firm confidence in its implementation, which can help business leaders to promote the implementation of the organizational capacity to mobilize.


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Flex open source framework summary


Cairngorm is a framework for the first FLEX the most mature, is now classified as ADOBE sects.


It is an ActionScript 3 framework, unlike Cairngorm, it is not for FLASH, FLEX or other ADOBE AS3.0 class. It is a FLASH for the development of AS 3.0 based on any program.

Model-Glue: Flex

Model-Glue is a simple MVC of the FLEX framework, Model-Glue has COLDFUSION interfaces. It is more compact than the above two.


ServeBox Foundry (sbasfoundry) is an ActionScript 3 / Java framework for Flex 2 application developers.

Guasax Flex Framework

Guasax is an easy to use application framework, to ensure the expansion of old and new FLEX applications.


ARP (Ariaware RIA Platform) is a framework based on ActionScript, which is a Open Source Flash projects.

Flest Framework

Flest a ActionScript3 / Flex framework.

The framework of the above can be EasyMVC, Adobe FAST and Joeberkovitz's framework to check out.

There are some other

FlexUnit (a unit testing framework for ActionScript 3)

AS3CoreLib (an ActionScript 3.0 library contains a powerful JSON package)

Granite DS (a free open source alternative to Adobe Data Services J2EE Application Server EJB3/Spring/Pojo Service)

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Paladin 4 solved the copy protection

If you encounter prompted after a successful activation, "can not access or modify the system registry, please use the protection of the GUI editor, use the command '/ lic: activate' to activate the product. This GUI editor can find the installation package" ; so, please delete the DT / Alcohol / 360 / Kaka, and close the killing of soft real-time monitoring, and clean up the registry (Windows optimization Masters / Super Rabbit) and try again, if prompted still, try the following methods:

1. Open the Registry Editor ("Start" -> "Run" -> type "" regedit "carriage return) and find the key" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESOFTSTAR ", export backup


銆??3.閲嶆柊鎵撳紑娓告垙绋嬪簭,闃叉嫹浼氭彁绀轰綘"璇疯緭鍏ュ厜鐩樻爣绛惧悕涓篋ISK4鐨勫厜鐩樻墍闇?殑鍏夌洏搴忓垪鍙?amp;quot;,杈撳叆濡備笅搴忓垪鍙?AS6X-VR52FL-286FJC-2DHDZE-QFM3WE 鍚庣偣鍑?amp;quot;涓嬩竴姝?amp;quot;灏卞彲浠ヨ繃闃叉嫹浜?br />


銆??琛ュ厖涓?笅,甯栧瓙閲屾墍鏈変慨鏀归兘瑕佸湪娉ㄥ唽琛ㄧ殑鏈?珮鏉冮檺涓嬭繘琛?瑕佽幏寰楁敞鍐岃〃鐨勬渶楂樻潈闄愭柟娉曟湁浜?br />



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VideoPut is a tool for uploading videos to the internet. Currently, you can upload videos to YouTube, MySpace, Flurl.

With VideoPut you can upload videos in more comfortable way instead of uploading via your web browser. Usually even much more faster. If you have a lot of videos which you want to post to YouTube or other video website but don't want to spend so much time uploading it in this case VideoPut is just for you. If you have bad internet connection and want to upload big files it would be a real pain to do that via web broswer, with VideoPut it will be much more easily and more faster.

With VideoPut you can create a list with videos you want to upload and upload them later. These lists you can save and load later.

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Cucusoft PSP Movie/Video Converter pro

Cucusoft PSP Movie/Video Converter pro is the easiest-to-use video converter software for Apple PSP Movie and PSP Video. It can convert almost all video format, e.g. DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to PSP Movie / PSP Video format. It is also a powerful PSP movie/video converter with fast conversion speed. And the output iPos movie/video supports PSP screen, you can enjoy your favorite movie on your PSP as a MPEG-4 Player. Now you can get this PSP video converter at a very competitive price!

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